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The Pursuit of Color

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Artist Biography


Growing up in West Texas, I developed a keen appreciation for the vistas and vibrant colors of the Texas High Plains, but had no particular way of expressing my observations. Following my artistic bent, however, I earned a degree in architecture, and have been in practice for 42 years. That training in perspective, attention to detail, and creative patience now translates to my paintings.

As a young architect in an era when renderings of buildings were done by hand rather than by computer, I developed an interest in watercolor paintings. Following that interest, I took a class under the late Rex Brandt in 1968, and there began my pursuit of the magic that painting with watercolors can be.

I don't have one particular style; I paint many different subjects. I have learned as much or more from my failures as I have from my successes. And I give absolute credit to my instructors - particularly Mel Stabin, Lynne Yancha, and Karlyn Holman - who have taught me to use both my weaknesses and my strengths as a springboard for improvement. I learn something from every subject and from every painting.

I welcome you to come along on my journey!